Brett Simpson


Heading up the GrayJohnson’s Kew office, Brett has more than 33 years of commercial property experience.

Brett knows the ins and outs of commercial property in the city fringe. His expertise and detailed local knowledge has gained him immense respect and seen him build up a loyal client base over the past two decades. Handling both small and large transactions with equal professionalism, he enjoys the problem-solving aspects of his role, brokering fair deal for all stakeholders. His unique ability to help property owners put together value-add strategies to improve their buildings has provided many opportunities to increase his clients’ returns.

Brett’s sporting experience, both as a player and a coach, has made him a great mentor for others in the company. He values the sense of teamwork at GrayJohnson that has helped build enduring relationships with clients over the years.

Beyond the office, Brett has been a senior coach, assistant and key administrator for a number of basketball and football clubs in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. He’s a one-eyed Magpies supporter.

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Director (kew)
0402 427 392