Jens Schoppert

Associate Director

Jens is one of GrayJohnson’s senior and most experienced executives with a wealth of experience and sound knowledge of commercial real estate.

Jens’s extensive career includes 13 years in banking/finance and more than 19 years in commercial real estate. His experience extends from the sale and leasing of smaller shops, factories and offices to multi-million dollar commercial transactions, including a major city office leasing of some 8,000 sqm.

Jens currently works closely with a number of major clients as well as being actively involved with the day-to-day operations of the business. He has developed many long-term relationships with clients.

Among Jens’s strengths is his considerable experience in overseeing major value-add programs. He has been involved in a number of refurbishment programs, including a large office building in St Kilda Road. He enjoys the challenge of improving assets through these significant building programs, coordinating a long list of consultants and tradespeople to deliver on time and on budget.

Jens’s experience and extensive commercial knowledge of the Retail Tenancies Act make him an excellent mentor for our younger team members.

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Associate Director (melbourne)
0425 791 253