Residential Development Sites – Market Update

Our last blog post outlined GrayJohnson’s market update on Melbourne’s commercial and industrial property market. I hope you found the information valuable.

Available to download below is the second part of our property update series, this time dealing with the residential market and what this means for developers.

As with the previous report, the data has been analysed by experienced property professionals. It looks at the year to August 2022, with expert commentary on what the statistics mean for the direction of the market in the near future.

The residential market has been facing challenges of late but it is interesting to note that investors seem to be returning. They are now accounting for nearly a third of housing finance in Victoria, a significant growth from two years ago.

Among other topics covered are:
• Trends in dwelling approvals for apartments and houses
• Why the downward trend in residential vacancy rates is likely to continue
• The factors driving development site land values

Of course, how these trends affect your financial and property decisions will depend on your individual requirements and situation. At GrayJohnson, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your property needs. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Matt Hoath 0418 543 714 to find out more.

Click link below to download report

GrayJohnson Resi Dev Site-Update

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